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Vegetarian/Vegan Curry Cooking Class

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Pure comfort food for the soul!

Healthy, low calories, low fat, iron rich vegetarian or vegan curry!

I team up with my Healthy Eating Instructor and together we have created Vegetarian/Vegan Curry Class.

You'll learn step by step how to cook 3 kind of curries:

- healthy, infused with fragrant spices and incredible tasty SPINACH, SWEET POTATO and LENTIL DHAL.

Dhal (or Dal) is thick, hearty, full of flavour stew commonly found around Nepal, Bangladesh, India and Pakistan.

- succulent homemade paneer cheese in rich, aromatic and creamy PANEER KORMA CURRY (for Vegans I’ll use tofu).

Paneer Korma is unique and royal Mughlai dish. It has been developed during the Medieval period. Korma was for shahs and other member of royal family.

- soothing, satisfying and delicious Vegan RED THAI CURRY loaded with variety of vegetables.

Red Curry is a staple of Central Thailand. Also known as “spicy curry”, gets its colour from copious amounts of red chilies.

Be ready for excellent meal, fun and good company!

We'll be in my private open chef's kitchen situated in Edinburgh’s historic Georgian New Town.

You'll be working by my site and I'll teach you few kitchen tricks!

I'll provide aprons, gloves and boards suitable to accomplish cooking task:)

After cooking we will enjoy our creations with wine, tea, coffee, water or juice!

All curries will be served with turmeric and coriander rice, raita (for Vegans I’ll use vegan yogurt), garlic naan bread and mango chutney.

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