We offer safe alternative to restaurants.

Dining out in safety. Just you and your guests.

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Cooking Classes

Take your cooking skills to the next level and learn with us in a fun and friendly setting.

Summer Family Dinner

Chef at your home

Enjoy more time with your guests and create lasting memories together! 


Culinary Experiences

Enjoy a delightful meal prepared specially for you by an experienced chef.

Buffet Table

Party time!

Choose your menu and have fun! Because no one can stop us!

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Online Classes

Enjoy a fun and memorable experience from the comfort of your own kitchen.

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Nutritional Cooking

Mindful Cooking

Tune in to your senses.

About us:

Mags: I am professional chef with years of experience across  great and busy kitchens, and now it’s time to bring fine dining to more personal level. I truly appreciate the connection and  interactions with my guests when cooking for smaller audience,  or when I share my knowledge when we cooking together during a class.

Rita: I’ve been always into food, I love it and I love to know all about it😊  we can’t live without it yet sometimes we forget how important it is!  What we eat, how we prepare it and the way we eat  - can change our lives!

Cooking is therapeutic, enjoyable and so rewarding. Our mission is to educate kids and adults about how much fun it can be to cook together with family and friends -  that’s why we have created Personal Chef Edinburgh.

We are proud to cooperate with Glow Fit: https://glow-fit.co.uk/personal-chef-edinburgh/

here to make your life more exciting!


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