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The service I received from Mags and Rita was without compare.

   Every dish was cooked to perfection, and Mags was more than happy

to cater to my dietary needs. 
Their apartment was such a beautiful setting for the experience, and they made me feel comfortable and at home right away! I was particularly impressed by how fresh all of the produce used in my meal was, and at the fact that all of it was sourced locally here in Edinburgh.

Five stars! 

Hazel, Edinburgh

Wow!! Amazing!! Fantastic meal!!

First off let me say that this is hands down the best experience that I have ever had! From the wonderful company to the outstanding-truly life altering- fabulous food. Everything was so top notch and high quality and yet it was also super warm and cozy because you are invited into their home. If you even think for one second that whether or not you should do this experience- trust me!!!! Just do it!!!

You will not regret it in the slightest. Mags cooking and attention to detail makes you feel like you are sitting at the coolest restaurant in town and that you are having a private meal with the Chef. It truly is so awesome! As someone who would say I'm not the most adventurous or foodie person I finished each dish as they were all so amazing and so very special and different from what I have ever had. High marks across the board! Just plain amazing experience. Please trust this review and this experience and book them. You will not be disappointed.

Alexis, Chicago





Have you ever wanted to see a professional Chef at work?

With a years of experience across award winning restaurants, Mags is one of the leading lights of the contemporary cooking industry. Now, she wants to put the intimacy back into dining!

Her creation of a unique menu of mouth-watering meals and a variety of superb services mean that there is something to suit every taste, all enjoyed in an exclusive and comfortable environment.  

So whether you are planning a housewarming party, have something to celebrate or simply want to try something new:

Mags is your Personal Chef!


here to make your life more exciting!


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